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Clinical Advisory Council

Cancer care is complex and ever-changing, particularly with recent advances in tumor biology and the development and approval of novel treatments guided by molecular testing. Due to this complexity, a conglomerate of the brightest minds is needed to understand and steer the future of the industry as there is far too much information for any one individual to master. VieCure’s Clinical Advisory Council comprises global leaders from top cancer programs, universities, and institutes who review clinical evidence, evaluate literature, and research oncology treatments to develop algorithms and codified clinical rules to be actioned within the VieCure's Halo Intelligence platform.


Why does VieCure need a Clinical Advisory Council?


Assist in creating and updating evidence-based treatment plans, rules, and algorithms for the VieCure clinical inference engine to facilitate cutting-edge point-of-care decision making


Analyze de-identified clinical data to expose opportunities such as potential new targets for research and treatment


Leverage professional network to improve patient care by providing strategic advice on new directions in cancer care and research across the globe

How will patients benefit from VieCure's Clinical Advisory Council?


Oncologists have access to personalized patient treatment plans based on the most recent advances in cancer


Tools within the VieCure platform are used to manage toxicities, monitor treatment compliance, achieve better outcomes and improve quality of life throughout treatment


Facilitate ongoing education by providing clinical providers easy access to the most current information regarding the patient’s disease, treatment, and supportive care

CAC Members

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