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Halo Intelligence

The world's most comprehensive cancer care solution.


AI Clinical Brain 

Our Clinical brain is a real-time, clinical decision support tool that monitors and manages the complexities of cancer care using codified protocols, pathways, plans, and rules. The Brain inferences against patient data to generate patient-specific treatment plans and optimal decisions while constantly scanning for changes in patient data and alerts the care team of any potential issues and available solutions.

Cancer treatment is composed of many unique, complex decisions for each, individual patient. Using A.I. to help manage these ever-increasing complexities is essential. The Brain never sleeps, providing an elastic supply of clinical resources for the practice given patient toxicities do not always present during clinic hours.


Distilling Data


Superpowering Clinicians

Codified Clinical Content

Our clinical team, supported by an international expert clinical advisory council, maintains your practice's clinical content library to reflect standard of care and Precision Medicine rules. We codify your facility's clinical rules, including treatment and toxicity management and clinical trial eligibility and management guidance. The library is maintained by VieCure's clinical team to ensure all contact is up-to-date and to relieve stress surrounding the ever growing complexities in cancer medicine. 


Our Content Library is connected to the Clinical Brain to support oncologists and care team members in making optimal decisions at point of care. It grants providers access to the most recent and innovative treatment options including both standard of care and precision medicine options, unique to the patient's diagnosis and situation while allowing for monitoring and adherence to practice standards.

Operating System

The operating system is a multidisciplinary, real-time, clinical decision-support system that combines clinical knowledge with patient data to assist oncologists in generating personalized treatment plans and managing a patient's care throughout his or her therapy. The system connects to the A.I. Clinical Brain and the content library of world-leading precision medicine and standard of care guidance. It is a fully integrated, intelligent digital platform specifically designed and created for oncology practice.


With 15,000 discrete data fields, the operating system not only aids in efficient and complete documentation, but it also enables the Clinical Brain to generate patient-specific treatment plans and considerations, including toxicity management and precision oncology guidance, based on a patient's unique profile. 


VieCure is a life line

Data and Analytics

The VieCure platform encourages the widespread use of discrete data, enabling instantaneous analytics and eliminating the need for data curation after the fact. Our real-time databases ensure that your data is live and up-to-date at all times and users are granted access to a robust de-identified database comprised of discrete patient data tracking from diagnosis all the way through to survivorship, including all relevant genomics, tumor markers, drugs, and lab values.

The data analytics tool enables practice managers to get the most out of their data by self auditing, monitoring benchmarks, and compliance, and optimizing their reporting capabilities while informing the pharmaceutical industry and regulating agencies on drug usage, outcomes, and disease trends to help drive future drug development and approvals.

Patient Mobile App

Our Patient Mobile App is a tool for patients to remain engaged and active throughout their therapy with their care team. Not only will your practice benefit from gathering these valuable Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) data, but with the addition of new billing codes, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) can be another source of revenue for your practice.

Patient-specific treatment plan details are sent directly to the patient mobile app, including the patient's schedule, take-at-home medications, toxicity assessments, and more. The mobile app also connects to the clinical brain to help manage patient toxicity issues using facility approved rules to help reduce emergency and unplanned visits.




The Right Treatment, For Every Patient, Every Time


Our set of telemedicine tools includes video health consults embedded within the VieCure platform. The HIPAA-compliant integrated video conference system allows clinicians and care team members not only to visit with the patient, but clinicians also have the ability to document, assess and order within the same system during the patient interaction.  

Our embedded telemedicine facilitates the exchange of patient information and data to keep patients connected with their care team and engaged in their treatment. This improves patient satisfaction and experience by providing easy access to the care team without the need for travel or the cost of an in-person visit. Additionally, it can help reduce no-shows and canceled visits by providing an easy mechanism for patients to engage with their care team and adhere to their plans.

VieCure's Value Proposition


Simplifies the oncologist’s workload

Reduces administration, frees up time, and assists in selecting and managing the optimal treatment, the first time

Drives work to the lowest cost competent provider

Simplify accelerating complexities


Lower costs

Mitigates write-offs

Fewer failed treatments, ER visits, and hospitalizations

Cost elimination of unnecessary systems

Optimized resource mix


Increases practice revenue / Strategic repositioning

Opportunities for data revenue sharing, evidence-based Pharma rebates, new CPT codes (e.g., RTM)

4-10x return on VieCure fees to the practices

Strategic repositioning (compete against the airport)


Better outcomes for patients / Fewer toxicities

Improved outcomes through targeted and personalized therapies

Improved clinical trial accrual

Accelerated adoption of precision oncology


Valuable real-world data/real-world evidence

Improve future treatment

Commercialize de-identified data

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