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Halo Intelligence

The world's most comprehensive cancer care solution.

Introducing Halo Intelligence

Introducing Halo Intelligence

What is Halo Intelligence?

Halo Intelligence is the first whole knowledge system that brings together everything clinicians need to find the right treatment plan for every patient, every time.


It does this by distilling data from all aspects of the VieCure Ecosystem. The end result is a seamless marriage of artificial intelligence and the clinicians' own natural intelligence creating what we call, The Halo Effect.

Natural Intelligence

Natural intelligence is the ability for the human mind to process and organize inputs into actionable knowledge. Includes the ability to respond to less rational circumstances. Limited ability to process larger volumes of data.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence uses computers to simulate natural intelligence and discernment. It can process large quantities of data but lacks the sensitivities and intuition that natural intelligence uses to fully understand the implications of its decisions.


Halo intelligence blends Natural Intelligence (Provider user and VieCure cancer knowledge base) and A.I. with discrete patient data to help clinicians make better-personalized decisions for every patient in real-time.



A Halo Intelligence Platform 

The first whole knowledge system providing everything clinicians need to find and manage the right treatment for every patient

Care management and decision support system including medical records, treatment planning, imaging, labs, NGS, molecular pathology, and medical/radiation/surgical oncology

Inference from available patient-specific data and codified rules to generate, manage, and monitor personalized treatment plans

Physician mobile application for decision support, diagnostics, results review, and care plan adaption regardless of physical location inside or outside of the clinic

Patient mobile application for outcomes reporting, remote patient and therapy monitoring, treatment plan compliance, schedules, toxicity assessments, and medication management

5,000+ clinical rules, and growing, with clinical plans, pathways, protocols, drug management, toxicity management, payer rules, trials and eligibility criteria, diagnostics, labs, and drug formularies

Teleconsultations integrated into operating system with workflow tools for providers

Diagnostics ordering and results, pharmacy management, scheduling, billing, radiation therapy, and lab management

Analytics platform across 17,000+ fields of patient data like demographics, medical history, diagnostics, interventions, treatment history and plans, disease profiles, and outcomes

Patient Mobile App
Codfied, Curated Content Knowlede Base
Physician Mobile App
Data & Analytics
Third-Party Integration
Practice Operating System
AI Inference Engine
Halo Intelligencecolored.png

VieCure’s platform sits at the center
of the oncology ecosystem

VieCure augments care with data
and artificial intelligence

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How Do We Do It

Transforming the oncologist's and patient's experience 

Clinical Effectiveness

  • Ingest discrete data from a myriad of disparate data sources (e.g., NGS)

  • Inference discrete data against knowledge base to generate patient specific considerations

  • Adapt patient plans as a result of inferencing against new data (or absence of data)

  • Inference latest clinical and payor rules (no requirement  to maintain clinical regimes or pathways)

Operational Efficiencies

  • Voice automation (navigate and record data using voice)

  • Auto builds progress notes

  • Adapts treatment plan schedules and actions based on new and/or patient-reported data

  • Pan continuum – imaging, lab, molecular pathology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, supportive care 

Financial Efficacy 

  • Generates charges

  • Fully integrated (API) with practice management billing system

  • A.I. helps to improve billing efficacy and/or cost control (e.g., raise to level 5 visit based on evaluating correct symptoms and toxicities, enforce guideline compliance, …)

  • Mitigates losses due to the absence of prior authorizations

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