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About VieCure

With the complexities of cancer care exploding due to the paradigm shift towards precision medicine, we saw a need for a platform that actively assists clinicians.

We call this Halo Intelligence. 


Our Expertise

We are not a technology company. We are not a data company. We are a Cancer Care Company. We come by this space naturally.


Our executive team boasts over 130 years of cancer care experience, and our President, CEO was the founder of the world's first ever Oncology specific EMR.


We've learned from that experience, and are now building the tools for the future.


What is Halo Intelligence?

Halo Intelligence is the first whole knowledge system that brings together everything clinicians need to find the right treatment plan for every patient, every time.


It does this by distilling data from all aspects of the VieCure EcoSystem. The end result is a seamless marriage of artificial intelligence and the clinicians' own natural intelligence creating what we call, The Halo Effect.

Natural Intelligence

Natural intelligence is the ability for the human mind to process and organize inputs into actionable knowledge. Includes the ability to respond to less rational circumstances. Limited ability to process larger volumes of data.

Artifical Intelligence

Artificial intelligence uses computers to simulate natural intelligence and discernment. It can process large quantities of data but lacks the sensitivities and intuition that natural intelligence uses to fully understand the implications of its decisions.


Halo intelligence blends Natural Intelligence (Provider user and VieCure cancer knowledge base) and A.I. with discrete patient data to help clinicians make better-personalized decisions for every patient in real-time.



Our Mission

To ensure that every cancer patient lives their best life. Our focus is the patient.


We accomplish this by following our 4 values:


Agility; Urgency; Innovation; Impact.


We challenge the status quo and challenge you to ask yourself - are your software tools assisting you in helping cancer patients live their best lives?

Our Philosophy

We believe precision medicine, value based care, and NGS are the future of cancer care.


We don't seek out clients, but rather we're looking for partners who share that belief.


Cancer practices are still using tools built 20 to 30 years ago. Why? Do you believe there is a paradigm shift in Oncology? Do you believe your current tools were built for that shift?

Introducing Halo Intelligence

Introducing Halo Intelligence

Our Leadership

Combining excellence in cancer care, software, artificial intelligence, and business.


Gerry Hogue

Chairman, President, and CEO

Founder of OpTx Corp

30+ Yrs. Cancer Leadership

Former SVP Elekta North America

Gerry is the founder of VieCure, and presently serves as its President & CEO.  He has spent many years working in the field of enabling technologies for cancer care, and is excited to now be leading the charge in genomics-based, personalized medicine that empowers cancer patients and their families.

Michael G. Power

Chief Business Development Officer

Former EVP Cancer Care Ontario

Former CEO Cancer Research Institute

Former SVP Elekta Global Strategic

Michael is the Chief Business Development Officer. He helped found VieCure and leads the Global Business Development portfolio. Michael has more than twenty-years of executive level experience in cancer medicine and is a NHL draftee of the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club. 


Dr. Fred Ashbury

Chief Scientific Officer

30+ Years of Cancer Leadership

Former Senior Executive with Cancer Care Ontario

Former CSO with OpTx Corp  

Fred is a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at VieCure. He is responsible for developing and maintaining VieCure’s oncology clinical content, genomic-science knowledge identification and codification, and the design and implementation of the treatment strategy rules that underpin our platform. He was the co-founder for Intelligent Improvement Consultants, a healthcare management consulting firm.  He is a former senior executive with the National Cancer Institute of Canada, Cancer Care Ontario, and the Alberta Cancer Board, OpTx Corporation, and BridgeSite Clinical Research. 

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