Introducing the  VieCure™ Platform

The next generation Clinical Decision Support platform in Oncology that combines the power of artificial intelligence, codified clinical rules and pathways, precision oncology, telehealth, smartphone technology, and the EMR to
transform cancer care.  

VieCure Platform

Enabling Next Generation Cancer Care

The data required by cancer care professionals to make individual and patient specific decisions is becoming overwhelming and the pace of change is driving the requirement for new approaches to teaching and education. Traditional approaches to continuing education and legacy clinical decision-making systems are limiting the uptake of genomic oncology and compromising access to personalized approaches to care for cancer patients around the world. Artificial Intelligence and more specifically “Expert Systems” in oncology can help address these human-like situations which are often characterized by ambiguity and uncertainty, and deal with pieces of data that change frequently, and are often conflicting.


The VieCure™ platform is a multidisciplinary and point-of-care clinical decision-support system that combines clinical knowledge with patient data to assist oncologists in generating personalized treatment plans and managing a patient's care throughout his or her therapy. The system encompasses an A.I. clinical inference engine, a knowledge base containing world-leading precision medicine and standard of care guidance, and a fully integrated, electronic medical record, specifically designed and created for oncology practice.

Translating Patient Data into Actionable Knowledge to Improve Outcomes

The Greek Philosophers were well known for their views on wisdom.  The VieCure™ platform is designed by cancer experts for cancer care professionals and is architected to be a value added extender for every oncologist, nurse, therapist and clinical researcher who work tirelessly for cancer patients everyday.  


Learn more about how SOCRATES, PLATO, ARISTOTLE, AESARA, EUCLID, AND ZENO can come together to help you translate your patient data into
actionable knowledge and wisdom.

Introducing EUCLID


EUCLID was a Greek mathematician who is often referred to as the founder of Geometry.  His work is associated with understanding of space, time, and shapes.  EUCLID is the telemedicine system embedded in the VieCure™ platform and provides a solution for both regional and rural patients so as not be confined by their geography or space.  EUCLID provides patients' access directly to their care team for virtual consults, side-effect management,
supportive care services and more. 
*Release Summer 2020

VieCure Euclid

Contact us and find how our platform can benefit you.

Introducing PLATO
Clinical Content Library

PLATO was a classical Greek philosopher who is best known for his Theory of Knowledge and for his views on the importance of education.  The VieCure™ codified clinical content library, known as PLATO, provides oncologists with access to diagnostic, treatment and survivorship plans, evidence-based pathways and protocols. The PLATO library includes leading standard of care and precision oncology treatment options.  Clinical and operational rules are codified into the content library to help oncologists make optimal and evidenced-based decisions. The content is constantly updated and maintained by VieCure's
expert clinical staff.

VieCure Plato
VieCure Socrates

Introducing SOCRATES
Artificial Intelligence Engine

SOCRATES was a classical Greek philosopher who is best known for creating the Socratic method which is based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking.  It is used today in medical education to help tap into complex concepts or principles.  Oncologists can now use the VieCure™ SOCRATES Clinical Inference Engine to help comply with the ever changing clinical guidance and patient specific insurance requirements.  SOCRATES alerts providers of changes to patient status and adapts patient specific treatment plans based on the inferencing of new patient data against agreed to national guidelines and clinic specific rules. SOCRATES can clarify concepts, probe clinical assumptions, implications and consequences and provide rationale and evidence.


VieCure Aesara

Introducing AESARA
Patient Mobile Application

AESARA was one of the greatest female philosophers of all time and is well known for her work on human nature. AESARA's theory of natural law connects the individual to the family and to the institutions or the community.  At VieCure, we strive to the same which is connect every cancer patient with their family and their provider network. AESARA is a fully integrated Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs) solution.  AESARA is integrated with the VieCure™ platform and streamlines care, captures patient reported toxicities discretely, and helps to ensure compliance with the patient specific treatment plan or clinical trial. Patients remain connected to the practice through AESARA 24x7. 

VieCure Aristotle

Introducing ARISTOTLE

'smart' EMR in Oncology  

ARISTOTLE was a classical Greek philosopher well known for  his theory of Logic and his view that "the whole is more than the sum of its parts."  ARISTOTLE is the next generation 'smart EMR' in oncology.  It is comprehensive and provides the oncologist, nurse, and practice professionals with the tools that they need to manage a patient's care throughout their treatment from diagnosis through to survivorship.  ARISTOTLE is voice-automated, tablet-enabled, and cloud-based and includes scheduling, electronic ordering, medication administration record (MAR), drug dispensing, documentation,
charge capture and more.

ARISTOTLE works in an integrated fashion with all of the other components of the VieCure platform.

Introducing ZENO

Curation, Data, and Analytics

ZENO was an ancient Greek philosopher who is best known for solving the puzzles and paradoxes of his time.  He would often try to make sense of contradictory conclusions.  The VieCure™ data and analytics functionality is designed to do the same.  Whether you are a cancer center executive trying to make sense of your patient data and clinical outcomes for OCM, or your clinical team's compliance with evidence for your payors, or you have a desire to mitigate the losses associated with the absence of prior authorization renewals, ZENO is the right tool for you.  With thousands of discrete fields designed to facilitate curated data, you can easily look for trends.

VieCure Zeno
VieCure Partners with Microsoft

Securely Hosted in the
Microsoft Azure Cloud

VieCure has chosen Microsoft Azure to host the VieCure™ Platform providing clinicians and health systems with the required tools to access the system from anywhere, adhere to HIPAA security guidelines and compliance, and the ability to easily scale as practices
continue to grow and expand.

Our Clients and Strategic Collaborators

We provide solutions for Oncologists, Cancer Care Thought Leaders, Life Science Executives, Payors, Diagnostic Executives, and Policy Makers.

VieCure Health Care Providers and Institutions
VieCure Life Sciences
VieCure Payors and Insurers

Health Care Providers and Institutions

AI-enabled Informatics Platform with integrated patient engagement tools to support Oncology Practice.

Life Sciences

Access to Reporting and
Dashboards Providing Real-Time
Analysis and Insights.

Payors and Insurers

Codification of clinical and financial rules in algorithms to ensure compliance at point-of-care 


Join our Team! Make a Difference in the Lives of Cancer Patients and the Heroes who serve them.

Recent News and Publications

Recent News and Media

American Oncology Network (AON) and VieCure Announce Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Adoption of Precision Oncology and Personalized Cancer Care

February 23, 2022

Clermont Oncology Center and VieCure Join Forces to Accelerate Cancer Excellence in the Clermont, Florida, Community

July 22, 2021

VieCure Announces $25 Million Series A Investment Led by Northpond Ventures to Improve Oncology Care, Scale A.I. and Patient-focused Technologies

April 20, 2021

Alabama Cancer Care and VieCure enter into a multi-year strategic relationship to improve oncology care in Alabama using A.I. and patient-focused technologies

March 15, 2021


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