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VieCure Chooses Microsoft Azure for their Cloud-Based A.I. Platform and Smart EMR in Oncology

VieCure, a rapidly growing cancer care company with an A.I. enabled clinical decision support platform in oncology, announced that it has chosen Microsoft Azure to host its platform. October 16, 2019 (Denver) – VieCure, a rapidly growing cancer care company with an A.I. enabled clinical decision support platform in oncology, announced that it has chosen Microsoft Azure to host its platform. This will allow clinical users and contracted health systems the ability to generate patient-specific treatment plans at point-of-care by taking advantage of clinical content hosted within Azure. In addition, Azure provides the tools to ensure companies can develop and deliver solutions that meet HIPAA security and compliance standards. VieCure has both a U.S. customer footprint and an expanding number of international clients and strategic business collaborators. Azure has cloud infrastructure around the world and in all of the international markets that VieCure is either working in or actively pursuing. Patient data very often must remain within the health system’s operating jurisdiction (e.g. a country, a province, a region, or a territory) and the availability of Azure services in locations worldwide, security, performance and reliability were key decision-making criterion for VieCure.

“Our ultimate objective is to deploy the most sophisticated and up-to-date clinical content library to as many healthcare providers in the world (at any given time) as possible,” said Dr. Fred Ashbury, Chief Scientific Officer, at VieCure. “The world of cancer medicine is truly changing every day with the advent of new clinical rules, clinical trials, and associated payer requirements.” Our A.I. enabled clinical inference engine is able to generate the optimal clinical guidance for every clinical user by ingesting relevant patient data and inferencing against agreed to clinical rules (in algorithm) which reside within our Azure Cloud. Every time regulatory bodies, a national or international provider association (e.g. ASCO) or a payer (private or public) makes a change to their rules or requirements, our platform, in the cloud, adjusts and accommodates that change and provides the clinician and patient relevant information at point-of-care. ​ What makes Azure so attractive to VieCure healthcare clients (like hospitals) is the fact that the VieCure platform is able to seamlessly integrate Azure services. VieCure software engineers (experts in oncology clinical decision support and oncology eMR) architected and designed the platform using the Azure stack. Considering this reality and the fact that Microsoft underpins many healthcare systems – from supporting their hospital-based EHR systems to administrative programs using Office 365 – there is a natural synergy when VieCure emphasizes the B2B relationship with and use of Azure.

About VieCure

VieCure has developed the proprietary VieCure platform (the “Platform”), a real-time decision-support system that combines clinical knowledge with patient data to assist oncologists in generating personalized treatment plans and managing a patient’s care throughout his or her cancer therapy. The Platform encompasses a proprietary artificial intelligence engine, a knowledge base containing world-leading precision medicine and standard of care guidance and an integrated electronic medical record, specifically created for oncology practices. The platform allows the treatment team to select a preferred course of therapy from a database of treatment plans and modify it as appropriate for the individual patient’s unique circumstances, following best practices including precision medicine options where indicated, as well as institution-specific clinical and financial rules and guidance. Throughout the continuum of care, the platform’s rules-based algorithms suggest therapy adjustments for the treatment team to consider, based on the patient’s test results (including next generation tumor sequencing) and specific responses to treatment. The Platform’s embedded EMR functionality includes registration and demographics, scheduling, evaluation and management, toxicity tracking and management, performance status monitoring, orders, pharmacy dispensing, medication administration record, charge capture, progress notes, and flowsheet. It also has a tethered mobile patient app to assist with streamlining communication. Contact Information: VieCure Michael Power Chief Business Development Officer

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