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Uncertainty upon uncertainty: supportive Care for Cancer and COVID-19

Jul 2, 2020

Anne M Young, Fredrick D. Ashbury, Lidia Schapira, Florian Scotté, Carla I Ripamonti & Ian N Oliver

A recent publication, co-authored by VieCure’s Chief Scientific Officer, Fred Ashbury PhD, and VieCure Clinical Advisory Council member, Dr. Ian Olver, and other experts, titled “Uncertainty upon uncertainty: supportive Care for Cancer and COVID-19,” highlights two key issues that cancer patients face, which have been exponentially amplified as a result of COVID-19, anxiety and distress. The authoring team encourages healthcare professionals, policy makers and patient groups to acknowledge, take action and extend additional support to cancer patients and their families during these unprecedented times, paying particular attention to the increasing psychosocial pressures brought about by the pandemic.

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