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VieCure Streamlines Cancer Care by Adding E-Prescribing Solutions from DrFirst

Apr 11, 2024

Oncology Platform Integrates Medication Management with Clinical Decision Support

ROCKVILLE, Md. and DENVER, April 11, 2024 VieCure, a cancer care company, today announced that it is integrating e-prescribing and medication management solutions from health technology pioneer DrFirst into its clinical decision support system.

VieCure is a market-leading point-of-care intelligence system for community oncologists. It uses AI, patient data, and a world-leading base of oncology knowledge to generate personalized treatment plans for cancer patients, including recommended prescription medications. Now, VieCure is expanding its use of DrFirst's medication management platform by adding Rcopia, the company's flagship electronic prescribing platform, to its existing use of EPCS Gold, DrFirst's controlled substance prescribing solution.

Rcopia gives providers an efficient workflow for all their e-prescribing needs, including the nation's most complete medication history data feed, allergy and other clinical alerts, price transparency, and tools to encourage patient adherence to medication therapies. It also delivers direct access to states' prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) databases so prescribers have a complete view of their patients' pain management regimens.

"VieCure's integration of DrFirst's Rcopia underscores our dedication to enhancing patient safety, optimizing clinical workflows, and satisfying customers," said Fred Ashbury, PhD, MACE, VieCure co-founder and chief scientific officer. "We look forward to providing our clients with Rcopia's advanced features for medication history, medication adherence monitoring, electronic prior authorizations, and real-time prescription benefit checks."

The integration of Rcopia within VieCure's decision support platform will relieve the burden on physicians and clinical staff while providing important new functionality for patient care.

"Rcopia gives VieCure's community oncologists the day-to-day medication workflows that make it faster and easier for cancer patients to receive the treatment they need," said G. Cameron Deemer, CEO of DrFirst. "Together, we can improve cancer care through better medication management and a shared commitment to putting life-saving technology to work on behalf of patients."

About DrFirst

Since 2000, healthcare IT pioneer DrFirst has empowered providers and patients to achieve better health through intelligent medication management. We improve healthcare efficiency and effectiveness by enhancing e-prescribing workflows, improving medication history, optimizing clinical data usability, and helping patients start and stay on therapy. In the last few years, DrFirst has won over 25 awards for excellence and innovation, including winning Gold in the prestigious Edison Awards in 2023, recognizing our game-changing use of clinical-grade AI to streamline time-consuming healthcare workflows and prevent medication errors. Our solutions are used by more than 350,000 prescribers, 71,000 pharmacies, 270 EHRs and health information systems, and over 2,000 hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. To learn more, visit and follow @DrFirst.

About VieCure

VieCure has developed a proprietary, patented (US Patent No:11,798,689 B2) artificial intelligence informatics software platform in conjunction with a clinical inference engine and point-of-care decision support system in oncology. The VieCure™ platform combines the latest in clinical knowledge with patient data to assist clinicians in generating personalized treatment plans and better managing a patient's treatment throughout diagnosis, cancer therapy, and ongoing follow-up care. For more information, please visit and connect with VieCure on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

DrFirst Media Contact

Grace Vinton

Amendola for DrFirst

VieCure Media Contact

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