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VieCure Partners with Clarified Precision Medicine to Accelerate the Adoption of Precision Oncology

Aug 10, 2022

With a focus on Patients and Community Oncologists, the Partners will Turn a Greater Number of Molecular Tests Into Actionable Therapy

VieCure will fully integrate the Clarified Precision Medicine Somatic and Germline Clinical Consultation process within its A.I. platform and offer community oncologists with streamlined access to Clarified’s nationally recognized test interpretation team. DENVER & TAMPA, Fla. VieCure, a cancer care company with a market leading artificial intelligence, informatics, and clinical decision support platform, announced today a new strategic collaboration with Clarified Precision Medicine which will make precision oncology more accessible for patients and community oncologists. In recent years there has been a large shift towards the use of cancer treatments which respond specifically to the molecular profile of the cancer (e.g., genomic data). These data are complex, considerable, and difficult to access at the community oncology level. This has highlighted a critical absence of medical guidance for both providers and payors and has motivated VieCure and Clarified Precision Medicine to work together to provide oncologists and their patients with clear, usable interpretations of any commercial comprehensive molecular profiling test along with a ranked list of treatment options which are reviewed by nationally recognized precision oncology experts. This partnership will also facilitate objective, third-party clinical review to assist a payor with prior authorization or an approval decision.

VieCure will fully integrate the Clarified Precision Medicine Somatic and Germline Clinical Consultation process within its A.I. platform and offer community oncologists with streamlined access to Clarified’s nationally recognized test interpretation team. These professionals will function as elastic supply for the clinical providers on the ground who are working tirelessly everyday to help cancer patients and offer them with the best patient specific options possible. Clarified Precision Medicine has also developed additional tools which help providers manage toxicities, optimize supportive care, and improve overall clinical efficiency.

“In recent years, we have witnessed the introduction of improved access to an individual’s tax preparation to the point that tax experts are now available via the tax software. The Viecure-Clarified partnership offers a precision oncology expert version, where elite, expert precision medicine guidance can be accessed while using the Viecure clinical decision support platform. We are excited about embedding our expertise to further accelerate the adoption of precision oncology and help more patients and providers over the next several years,” said Dr. Howard McLeod, a Nationally-recognized Precision Oncology expert.

VieCure will integrate the Clarified Medicine Precision testing tools within its platform and make the Clarified offering available to oncologists and clinical users later this year. Oncologists using the VieCure platform will be able to order their molecular test (eg. next generation tumor sequencing) directly out of the VieCure platform and then obtain their precision medicine review within 48 hours following three easy steps:

  1. VieCure’s platform ingests discrete molecular test results for review and interpretation.

  2. Clarified Precision Medicine’s clinical experts will review the molecular test results.

  3. Within 48 hours of receipt of the molecular test results within the VieCure platform, the clinical provider will receive an easy to understand report condensing the patient’s results into a ranked list of treatment options (including clinical trials) and suggestions about any additional testing, if necessary, within the VieCure platform. Furthermore, the provider can connect with the Clarified Precision Medicine expert to discuss the results as needed.

“VieCure and Clarified Precision Medicine, together, are further democratizing precision oncology and making it easier for community oncologists to offer the right care for the right patient every time,” said Dr. Fred Ashbury, Chief Scientific Officer at VieCure.

About VieCure

VieCure has developed a proprietary artificial intelligence informatics software platform in conjunction with a clinical inference engine and point of care decision support system in oncology. The VieCure™ platform combines the latest in clinical knowledge with patient data to assist clinicians in generating personalized treatment plans and better managing a patient’s treatment throughout diagnosis, cancer therapy, and ongoing follow-up care. VieCure was launched in 2015 and has contracted with leading community oncology cancer centers like the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (Fort Worth, Texas), Alabama Cancer Care (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Clermont Oncology (Clermont, Florida), and several others including the American Oncology Network. The VieCure contracted cancer center network now includes more than 100 locations in the United States, the Bahamas and Antigua. Active implementation of the VieCure platform is occurring in network locations across the United States. For more information, please visit and connect with VieCure on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

About Clarified Precision Medicine

The Clarified Precision Medicine team is an elite collection of experienced practicing precision medicine clinicians. Clarified Precision Medicine is composed of nationally recognized talent in Medical Oncology, Oncology Pharmacy, Data Integration, Molecular Pathology with over 85 years in the application of Precision Oncology. The Founders have built precision oncology programs in university, community, and integrated health systems. Clarified Precision Medicine offers expert clinical somatic and germline consultations through its Clarified Select™ and OncoGuardian™ solutions.


For More Information, Contact: VieCure, Inc. Michael G. Power, Chief Business Development Officer 807.621.3838

For More Information, Contact: Clarified Precision Medicine Jody Simon, Chief Executive Officer 813.477.2700

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