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The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders aligns with VieCure to provide A.I. driven precision oncology to cancer patients in Texas

Sept 5, 2019

CCBD and VieCure announced an important strategic collaboration agreement to create a leading clinical reference site for cancer treatment excellence.

Denver, CO – The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) announced an important strategic collaboration agreement with VieCure today where the parties will work together to create a leading clinical reference site for cancer treatment excellence. ​ Foundational to the future of oncology treatment is the execution of a vision for personalized medicine. Realizing this vision requires access to patients, oncologists and robust molecular information and patient outcomes data. This strategic collaboration will serve as a key vehicle to do just that. The CCBD oncologists and staff will help to improve clinical decision-making at the individual patient level, while standardizing care plans and associated care delivery, all the while generating longitudinal and real-time information as patients move throughout their complex cancer care journey. This information will be used to evaluate treatment approaches, create new value-based care funding options, and improve treatment outcomes. The results of this collaboration will establish CCBD as a recognized Center of Excellence in cancer care. ​ The parties have strategically aligned to accelerate three critically important paradigm shifts that are currently underway in oncology. They include (a) the rapid introduction of next generation tumor sequencing, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy, (b) the transition to value based care, and (c) heightened patient engagement in the management of their care given more and more patients are living longer with their disease and a greater proportion are taking oral medications at home. While these transformational changes are improving overall survival and quality of life for patients, they are also driving the need for changes at point-of-care given oncologists are being called upon to evaluate an ever-growing amount of patient data and an ever-changing body of clinical evidence.

The CCBD leadership recognized the need for 21st century clinical decision-making tools and turned to VieCure for help. VieCure has developed the proprietary artificial intelligence platform in oncology which combines the latest in clinical knowledge with patient specific data to assist oncologists in generating personalized treatment plans and managing a patient’s care throughout his or her cancer therapy. VieCure recognized CCBD’s national leadership position in community oncology and value-based care and turned to The Center for help. The two entities will work together to codify clinical content and institutionalize clinical rules to manage patients and their associated, personalized treatments in a clinic and ambulatory setting to the highest quality while conforming to evidence-based standards of medicine. CCBD has been on the forefront of new innovation in cancer care for more than a decade.

They were recently profiled in the American Journal for Managed Care (AJMC) for their work in patient risk stratification where Barry Russo, Chief Executive Officer, addressed how the Center was making better decisions at a population level using novel artificial intelligence tools. Russo now says the next opportunity for CCBD “will be to use A.I. at the point of care in the clinic so that clinical, financial, molecular, pathways, costs of care, referral preferences, or requirements of accountable care are integrated into the overall care decisions that are made with the patient in the exam room. This is why we chose to collaborate with VieCure and the VieCure™ platform.”

About The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (Fort Worth, TX)

CCBD is one of the nation’s most highly respected private practice cancer centers and provides ground-breaking treatment options to cancer patients in the North Texas region through its network of nine affiliated practices. It is committed to being on the forefront of cancer fighting technologies through groundbreaking research and integrated therapies, encompassing the latest scientific advances. It is also committed to compassionate care, treating each patient as a cherished and respected individual. TXCC was certified by the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative Certification Program and has been acknowledged as an Innovator in value-based care, patient engagement, and cancer patient risk stratification.

About VieCure

VieCure has developed the proprietary VieCure™ platform (the “Platform”), a real-time decision-support system that combines clinical knowledge with patient data to assist oncologists in generating personalized treatment plans and managing a patient’s care throughout his or her cancer therapy. The Platform encompasses a proprietary artificial intelligence engine, a knowledge base containing world-leading precision medicine and standard of care guidance and an integrated electronic medical record, specifically created for oncology practices. The platform allows the treatment team to select a preferred course of therapy from a database of treatment plans and modify it as appropriate for the individual patient’s unique circumstances, following best practices including precision medicine options where indicated, as well as institution-specific clinical and financial rules and guidance. Throughout the continuum of care, the platform’s rules-based algorithms suggest therapy adjustments for the treatment team to consider, based on the patient’s test results (including next generation tumor sequencing) and specific responses to treatment. The Platform’s embedded EMR functionality includes registration and demographics, scheduling, evaluation and management, toxicity tracking and management, performance status monitoring, orders, pharmacy dispensing, medication administration record, charge capture, progress notes, and flowsheet. It also has a tethered mobile patient app to assist with streamlining communication between providers and patients. ​ Contact Information:

Michael Power Chief Business Development Officer

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