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Sema4 and VieCure Launch an AI-enabled Clinical Decision Support Platform to Help Community Oncologists Deliver Personalized Cancer Care

Nov 4, 2020

After entering into a strategic alliance earlier this year with Sema4, we have reached another milestone to accelerate precision oncology care. Our collaboration with Sema4 recently resulted in the launch of one of the most integrated Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)-enabled clinical decision support platforms, easing the adoption of appropriate next generation tumor sequencing ordering and targeted treatments in community oncology settings, where the majority of cancer patients are treated in the United States.

Sema4's next generation sequencing (NGS) cancer test has now been directly integrated into the VieCure platform to streamline ordering and resulting for oncologists. The platform includes Sema4's guidance of treatment, prognosis, and the discrete data that enables the VieCure AI engine to provide a personalized treatment plan and management considerations for community oncologists.

The timing of this launch follows significant developments for both Sema4 and VieCure over recent months.

In July, Sema4 released Sema4 Signal™, a new comprehensive family of products and services providing data-driven oncology solutions. It includes Sema4 Signal Whole Exome/Transcriptome Sequencing (WES/WTS) covering 18,500 genes and PanCancer, which reports findings on approximately 2,200 of the most relevant cancer genes. It also includes Sema4 Signal Hereditary Cancer, which detects inherited cancer variants, as well as NLP-driven Informatics tools that structure clinical and genomic data to enable patient longitudinal journeys and compare patient cohorts. These tools support treatment decisions, population-level insight and trial matching.

This suite of products means that Sema4 has one of the most comprehensive integrated solutions for data-driven precision oncology. The seamless integration with the VieCure™ EMR will bring further access to these tests, using one-click order entry for molecular profiling and present patient-specific results back in the EMR.

VieCure has been active in the market signing several contracts with cancer centers, hospitals, life sciences companies, and molecular diagnostic companies. VieCure has also further enhanced its comprehensive platform by completing and certifying its e-prescribing functionality for use within the Surescripts and DrFirst networks. This includes electronic prescribing of controlled substances. Additionally, telemedicine has been fully embedded in the platform to encourage multidisciplinary discussions and facilitate discussions around complex patient cases. The fully integrated patient mobile application has become an essential tool for telehealth during COVID-19 to aid in patient management away from the clinic while capturing electronic patient reported outcomes (ePROs).

For more information on Sema4's Oncology solutions, please visit:

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