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VieCure Collaborates with Adaptive Biotechnologies

VieCure and Adaptive Biotechnologies (Adaptive) announced a collaboration in which VieCure will build, test and validate the required code and related algorithms as well as identify, review and codify relevant clinical references into VieCure’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. The resulting logic will be deployed via the platform’s cloud-based hosting environment to facilitate rapid education, awareness and understanding of the appropriate timepoints for use of Adaptive’s clonoSEQ Assay in the Multiple Myeloma (MM) and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) patient populations. VieCure will also work with Adaptive to design and build appropriate analytics to measure incorporation of the clonoSEQ Assay.

“The FDA authorization of the clonoSEQ Assay is an important advancement for patients living with MM and ALL,” said Charles Sang, Senior Vice President, Diagnostics, at Adaptive Biotechnologies. “The clonoSEQ MRD assay is increasingly used to guide treatment decisions, so the accuracy, specificity and standardization of MRD assessment is essential. We see our collaboration with VieCure as an important investment in the integration of the clonoSEQ Assay into cutting edge practice management tools which are also designed to help improve patient care.”

VieCure developed a proprietary artificial intelligence platform along with an integrated smart oncology EMR. The VCurePrecision™ platform is a real time clinical decision-support system that combines a clinical knowledge base with patient specific data to assist oncologists and hematologists in generating personalized treatment plans and managing a patient’s care throughout his or her cancer therapy. The knowledge base is always current and reflects the best of standards of care, precision oncology clinical guidance, novel clinical trials and the latest FDA clearances and approvals.

"Our 21st century AI platform enables peer-to-peer knowledge transfer where physicians get real time access to the most current evidence-based standards of care along with expert knowledge in precision medicine, personalized to the genomic makeup of the patient’s cancer, where appropriate,” said Dr. Fred Ashbury, Chief Scientific Officer at VieCure.

The platform also includes a tethered patient mobile APP to enhance physician/patient engagement and improve patient compliance with the agreed to treatment plan. Finally, the platform has integrated and comprehensive data analytics capabilities, which allow for real time analysis of clinical and patient decision-making. VieCure has contracted with health systems and cancer centers in the US and around the world. Implementation is underway in a number of US and Internationally based health systems and cancer centers. Hematologists and Medical Oncologists practicing in the Multiple Myeloma and B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) clinical domain will be able to use the VCurePrecision™ platform to learn in real time about the benefits of immunosequencing; thus, driving appropriate utilization and/or generating insightful intelligence about clinician decision-making processes during patient treatment.

About the clonoSEQ® Assay

The Adaptive Biotechnologies clonoSEQ Assay has been granted De Novo designation by the FDA as an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) to detect and monitor minimal residual disease (MRD) in patients with Multiple Myeloma (MM) and B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) using DNA from bone marrow samples. It identifies and quantifies specific DNA sequences found in malignant cells, allowing clinicians to monitor patients for changes in disease burden during and after treatment. This robust assay provides sensitive and accurate measurement of residual disease that allows physicians to predict patient outcomes, assess response to therapy over time, monitor patients during remission and detect potential relapse. The clonoSEQ Assay is a single-site assay performed at Adaptive Biotechnologies. It is also available as a CLIA-regulated laboratory developed test (LDT) service for use in other lymphoid cancers. clonoSEQ was reviewed under the FDA’s De Novo premarket review pathway, a regulatory pathway for some low-to-moderate risk novel devices for which there is no legally marketed predicate device. For important information about the FDA-cleared uses of clonoSEQ, including the full intended use, limitations, and detailed performance characteristics. Learn more about clonoSEQ at

About Adaptive Biotechnologies

Adaptive Biotechnologies is a pioneer and leader in immune-driven medicine that aims to improve lives by learning from the wisdom of their adaptive immune systems. Adaptive’s proprietary immune profiling platform reveals and translates insights from their adaptive immune systems with unprecedented scale and precision. Working with drug developers, clinicians and academic researchers, they are applying these insights to develop products that will transform the way diseases such as cancer, autoimmune conditions, and infectious diseases are diagnosed and treated. For more information, please visit their website at ​ For more information, please contact: Adaptive Biotechnologies Beth Keshishian (media) 917-912-7195

About VieCure and the VCurePrecision Platform

Viviphi developed the proprietary VCurePrecision platform, a real time decision-support system designed to assist oncologists and hematologists in generating personalized treatment plans and managing a patient’s care throughout cancer therapy. The platform allows the treatment team to select a preferred course of therapy from a database of treatment plans, encompassing best practices in standard of care (and precision medicine options where indicated), as well as institution-specific clinical and financial rules and guidance. Throughout the continuum of care, the platform’s rules-based algorithms suggest therapy adjustments for the treatment team to consider based on the patient’s specific responses to treatment. The platform’s embedded eMR functionality includes registration and demographics, scheduling, evaluation and management, toxicity tracking and management, performance status monitoring, orders, pharmacy dispensing, medication administration record, charge capture, progress notes, and flowsheet. ​ For more information, please contact: Michael G. Power, BA, MIM Chief Business Development Officer 807-621-3838

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