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Senior Training / Instructional Designer

Are you interested in leading the transformation of cancer care through software that puts world-leading scientific knowledge in the hands of patients and their doctors? If so, join our growing team at VieCure, the company that is revolutionizing cancer care by putting A.I. driven technology tools and an unparalleled knowledge base into the hands of physicians.

Job Description

Are you interested in leading the transformation of cancer care through putting world-leading scientific data and knowledge in the hands of doctors and other members of the medical team? Do you have a passion for solutions that empower patients to take charge of their care and bring world-class solutions to winning the cancer battle? If so, join our growing team at VieCure, the company that promises to revolutionize the way cancer care is delivered.

We are now seeking an additional highly experienced, full time, motivated Senior Training / Instructional Designer to join our team. You will use multimedia technology and authoring tools to design and develop interactive and engaging learning experiences for clients and internal learners. This position plays a pivotal role in developing and delivering high-quality learning solutions that enhance the knowledge and skills of our clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals, with a focus on the functionality and daily clinic workflows of the VieCure platform.

Denver, CO


Work with subject matter experts and the Product Management team to identify target audience’s training needs.

  • Develop measurable objectives and ensure content aligns with those objectives.

  • Revise and rewrite content to shape it for multi-media learning needs.

  • Create engaging learning activities and compelling course content that enhances retention and transfer.

  • Create material/media using a variety of instructional strategies to support learning (audio, video, simulations, role plays, scenario-based, micro learnings, games etc.).

  • Determine the criteria used to evaluate learner’s performance and develop assessment instruments.

  • Apply creativity and innovation to ensure the content is engaging, relevant, and learner centric.

  • Adapt instructional materials created for one format (e.g., instructor led) to other formats such as e-learning.

  • Create job schedules, progress analysis, status updates, and reporting to ensure all stakeholders are aware of all feedback, action items, and next steps.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including Clinical & Scientific Team, Solutions Consultants, Engineering Team, Operations Leaders, Project Managers, and others, to develop and deliver high-quality learning solutions.

  • Continuously evaluate and improve instructional materials and programs based on learner feedback, performance KPIs, Training ROI analysis, industry trends, and emerging technologies.

  • Apply tested instructional design theories, practice, and methods.

  • Manage external vendor relationships in respect of outsourced core parts of the training content.

  • Lead as the subject matter expert during planning discussions and educate/lead decision outcomes as required.

Skills, Competencies & Experience

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