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Let your data help you. Optimize your reporting, audit your practice, and create new revenue streams by unlocking the value of your discrete data.


ZENO was an ancient Greek philosopher who is best known for solving the puzzles and paradoxes of his time.  He would often try to make sense of contradictory conclusions.  The VieCure™ data and analytics functionality is designed to do the same.  Whether you are a cancer center executive trying to make sense of your patient data and clinical outcomes for OCM, or your clinical team's compliance with evidence for your payors, or you have a desire to mitigate the losses associated with the absence of prior authorization renewals, ZENO is the right tool for you.  With thousands of discrete fields designed to facilitate curated data, you can easily look for trends.

Real World Data is the future

Data driven decisions are smart decisions.  Access to real world data will empower the healthcare industry to flourish as we usher in this era of revolutionary technology.

VieCure Real World Data

“The idea of “big data” transforming healthcare has existed for decades, but recent technological innovations are finally making big data accessible and usable in an actionable way.”           


How does it work?

  • The VieCure™ platform's unique user interface encourages the widespread use of discrete data, enabling instantaneous analytics and eliminating the need for data curation after the fact

  • The real-time databases provided through ZENO ensure that your data is live & up-to-date at all times

  • With ZENO, users are granted access to a robust
    de-identified database comprised of discrete patient data tracking from diagnosis all the way through to survivorship, including all relevant genomics, tumor markers, drugs, and lab values

How can it help?

  • The lack of need for data curation makes analyzing your data to inform decision making simpler than ever

  • Enable practice managers to get the most out of their data by self auditing, monitoring benchmarks & compliance, and optimizing their
    reporting capabilities 

  • Inform pharmaceutical industry and regulating agencies on drug usage, outcomes, and disease trends to help drive future drug
    development & approvals

VieCure Efficiency

Harness the power of ZENO to maximize cinical efficiency

Real-time access to your own data enables practice administrators to actively monitor and audit clinical activity to identify potential inefficiencies.  ZENO's pre-built dashboards are designed to target common pain points within a clinic, however, the vast amounts of discrete data that are collected using the ARISTOTLE eMR allows endless curation and analyzation of a user's desired data points.

Zeno provides users with thousands of discrete data columns for every patient in the system in real-time

Real world discrete data is redefining how the healthcare industry operates.  ZENO is the discrete data warehouse that enables analytical investigations to aid healthcare providers in optimizing their practice and to inform smarter R&D decisions in life sciences.

VieCure Discrete Data

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