One-Click Physician Order Entry and Direct Results 

Providers have access to order Sema4 NGS testing directly from the VieCure platform using a single click. Results are sent directly back to the VieCure platform which combines patient data with leading scientific knowledge, using Artificial Intelligence, to generate an dmanage individualized treatment plans throughout the patient's diagnosis and care journey.

VieCure Artificial Intelligence

Comprehensive Offering from Testing to Insight to Action

"Oncology practices are also still struggling to efficiently incorporate EHRs into clinical practice. They are utilizing systems that are only partially interoperable; many cannot electronically integrate patient information from other practices, and few can share information with patients."

ASCO State of Cancer in America 2018

VieCure Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes

Fully integrated patient engagement application with the smart EMR to capture and manage electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROS)

AESARA, the integrated patient engagement application is a tool for patients to connect directly with their care team and report on any issues that they may be experiencing as a result of therapy.  Systematic evaluation of these potential symptoms or toxicities can help improve overall
patient care.  Remote access to the care team has also been shown to help reduce unnecessary clinic and emergency department visits.  Now, more than ever, facilities are suffering from a lack of staff and resources.  Encouraging the patient to be active in their therapy can help alleviate some of the issues that result from being short-staffed.  Additionally, the application provides access to additional emotional and psychological resources, which has been shown to have an overall increase in a
patients satisfaction of their care.

Provide access to personalized treatment options and available precision medicine therapies 

The VieCure™ platform supports precision oncology data for diagnosis as well as available targeted treatment options.  The platform has a direct interface to Sema4 to electronically order Next Generation Tumor Results (NGS) and receive the results discretely. SOCRATES, the A.I. Inference engine will generate a patient-specific treatment plan off of a myriad of different data points that have been codified in the system (such as diagnosis, genomic alterations, tumor markers, insurance provider, and more).  As more of these therapies shift to orals and take at home medications, AESARA, the integrated patient mobile application provides a solution to help manage
this new forum of care. 

VieCure Precision Medicine
VIeCure Value-Based Care

Shift to Value-Based Care

The Platform provides the unique ability to capture necessary data to manage the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care models for commercial payors and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), as well as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s (CMMI) Oncology First Model (OCF) and Radiation Oncology (RO) Model. VieCure™ allows clinicians to select a preferred course of therapy from a library of treatment plans and easily modify as appropriate for the individual patient's unique circumstances, following best practices including precision medicine options, where indicated, as well as institution-specific, clinical and financial rules and guidance.

Generate revenue for
your practice

The VieCure Platform affords practices and clinicians with, when used properly, the opportunity to generate substantial revenue for the business.  The patient engagement mobile application, AESARA, can be used for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and revenue generation as a result of the new RPM billing codes.  Also, with the wide-spread use of discrete data throughout the solution, institutions can benefit from the robust data that is generated by their clinicians.  Life sciences and other industry companies place a tremendous value on Real-World data, and with the VieCure solution, tapping into these additional revenue streams can be extremely profitable.

VieCure Revenue Generation
VieCure Genomics

Medicare patients with advanced cancer are eligible for reimbursement for one-time genomic sequencing of their primary disease

We undertook a study to determine the extent to which this policy resulted in adoption of next-generation sequencing (NGS) in community oncology practice.  Our analysis of 206 patients with different primary cancer diagnoses showed that less than half of the patients eligible (44%) had NGS testing.  In fact, only 35% and 47% of stage III and stage IV patients, respectively, had NGS testing.  At the provider level, we found that NGS testing ranged from 23% to 72%. Clearly these results demonstrate the need to improve provider knowledge of, access to, and application of NGS testing.  The need for Artificial Intelligence clinical decision support tools at point-of-care to facilitate personalized medicine and improved outcomes has never been more urgent given the increasing complexity we are experiencing resulting from this significant paradigm shift.

The VieCure™ Platform

The current oncology market forces are creating amazing opportunities for patients while stimulating considerable pressure for providers and practice owners.  The VieCure™ Platform is a solution to help practices and clinicians manage the increasing volumes, complexities, reporting programs, and payor policies in an ever-changing world.  

Platform Components

VieCure A.I. Clinical Decision Support
VieCure Codifed Knowledge
VieCure Smart EMR
VieCure Mobile App


A.I. Clinical
Inference Engine


Codified Clinical
Content Library


Comprehensive and
Multi-disciplinary EMR


Patient Engagement Mobile Application

VieCure Telemedicine
VieCure Data and Analytics


Telemedicine Tools to Facilitate Care


Curation, Data
and Analytics

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