The VieCure™ Platform

What does the future cancer and healthcare ecosystem look like? Introducing the VieCure™ Platform – an intelligent consultant and real-time decision support system for key stakeholders. See how the platform combines the goldmine of clinical knowledge with data (largely untapped by today’s analytics initiatives) from patients’ health records, including genomic sequencing, to generate real time, patient-specific, actionable and comprehensive treatment plans. Each one is designed to meet or exceed the best of current clinical evidence while offering clear guidance in personalized medicine.

VieCure Platform

We live in exciting times.

Rapid advances in technology and genomic-based oncology have helped redefine cancer.

And the power of big data – augmented by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) – is helping to tailor precise, personalized treatments for patients everywhere.


This convergence of information and innovation  promises to transform how healthcare and technology work together.

Meet the VieCure™ Platform.

An intelligent consultant and real-time decision-making support system.

It absorbs, interacts with - and analyzes patient data, medical knowledge, expertise and clinical rules in real time. 

VieCure™ lives, breathes, thinks and learns as one cancer care ecosystem - connecting physicians, nurses, payers, families, friends... and over 29 million cancer patients worldwide - in efficient, meaningful ways.

VieCure Platform

Wherever they live, patients are looking for care guidance about their specific diagnosis and treatment plan options. 

And they want to feel connected and supported at all times as they move through their treatment journey.

VieCure Platform
VieCure Platform

Every day, we see physicians wading through a deluge of patient data, struggling to keep up.

But the VieCure™ Platform changes all this.


It bottles leading-edge oncology expertise...


Compares each patient's unique profile to a full database of clinical literature and guidelines. 

And then offers actionable knowledge by creating viable, patient-specific treatment plans which meet or exceed the standard of care... all while providing clinical guidance on precision oncology options.

VieCure Platform

The VieCure™ patient app empowers them to be actively involved in their own care.  

The patient focused technology is directly connected to the VieCure™ platform and ensures regular communication with their care team while monitoring patient symptoms, side-effects and
compliance in real-time.

For payors, the VieCure™ platform works to avoid unnecessary treatments, diagnostics and procedures...

It codifies clinical rules in algorithms based on data and produces the best, and most-up-to-date guidance. 

Helping them to spend funds where patients need it most.

VieCure Platform
VieCure Platform

The VieCure™ Platform is transforming chaos to clarity.

Empowering patients.

Producing patient-specific
treatment plans.

Reducing unnecessary clinical work.

Underpinning payors' decisions.

And refocusing physicians' time on providing patients with the best diagnosis and treatment. 

The VieCure™ Platform is accelerating the adoption of personalized healthcare. 

And redefining what is
possible in medicine.

VieCure Platform