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In the field of artificial intelligence, the clinical inference engine is a component of the platform that applies logical rules (algorithms) to the clinical knowledge base or content library to deduce new information.  Let SOCRATES help your practice
improve clinical and financial performance. 


SOCRATES was a classical Greek philosopher who is best known for creating the Socratic method which is based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking.  It is used today in medical education to help tap into complex concepts or principles.  Oncologists can now use SOCRATES by VieCure, a novel Clinical Inference Engine to help comply with the ever-changing clinical guidance and patient specific insurance requirements.  SOCRATES alerts providers of changes to patient status and adapts patient-specific treatment plans based on the inferencing of new patient data against agreed to national guidelines and clinic specific rules. SOCRATES can clarify concepts, probe clinical assumptions, implications and consequences, and provide rationale and evidence.

Treating cancer is not a
one-time decision

Treating cancer is comprised of many unique, complex decisions for each individual patient. Using A.I. to help manage these ever-increasing complexities will become essential.  SOCRATES never sleeps which provides elastic supply of clinical resources for the practice given patient toxicities do not always present
during clinic hours.

VieCure Artifical Intelligence

"Foundational to the future of oncology treatment is the execution of a vision for personalized medicine and artificial intelligence
at the point of care." 

Barry Russo
Chief Executive Officer,
The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders,
Fort Worth, TX

"VieCure™" user fall 2020

How does it work?

  • Real-time, clinical decision support tool to monitor and manage the complexities of cancer care enabled by codified protocols, pathways,
    plans and rules

  • The VieCure™ platform comes with SOCRATES, a clinical inference engine to support clinic efficiencies and aid in care management

  • SOCRATES inferences against patient data to generate patient-specific treatment plans and optimal decisions

  • SOCRATES constantly scans for changes in patient data and alerts the care team of any potential issues and available solutions 

How can it help?

  • SOCRATES adds an additional level of patient safety by alerting the appropriate team member of changes in the patient's situation

  • A.I.-driven efficiencies in clinic enabled by one-click actioning using decision-support

  • An ever-changing and innovative environment in oncology poses challenges on staying current on all available treatment options, A.I. helps providers identify relevant therapies to optimize outcomes

  • Embedded within the ARISTOTLE EMR allowing for a seamless and effective user experience 

VieCure Optimal Care

A.I. is revolutionizing the healthcare industry and is essential to manage the rapid changes and approval in cancer diagnostics and therapies. SOCRATES is the A.I. Engine that powers the VieCure™ Platform to support oncologists in providing optimal patient care

SOCRATES inferences against thousands of data points within the patient's record to identify any changes or issues, and alerts a provider if necessary and provides actionable solutions and interventions.

"A.I. will not replace physicians, however, physicians who use A.I. will replace those who don’t."

The Medical Futurist

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