VieCure Codifed Knowledge

The most sophisticated clinical content library in oncology. Comprises the most current evidence-based multidisciplinary content that spans the continuum care and treatment and toxicity management rules that reflect how you want to practice.


PLATO was a classical Greek philosopher who is best known for his Theory of Knowledge and for his views on the importance of education.  The VieCure codified clinical content library, known as PLATO, provides oncologists with access to diagnostic, treatment and survivorship plans, evidence-based pathways and protocols. The PLATO library includes leading standard of care and precision oncology treatment options.  Clinical and operational rules are codified into the content library to help oncologists make optimal and evidenced-based decisions. The content is constantly updated and maintained by VieCure's expert clinical staff.

VieCure Complex Treatment Management

Facilitate complex treatment management in one place

PLATO provides access to clinical trials and genomics-based therapies within a flexible system to make managing and adapting to new techniques simple.

"It has been estimated that a physician should
read 29 hours per working day in order to stay updated about new medical research."

European Society of Medical Oncology

How does it work? 

  • Our clinical team, supported by an international expert clinical advisory council, maintains PLATO to reflect standard of care and Precision Medicine rules

  • We codify your facility's clinical rules, including treatment and toxicity management and clinical trial eligibility and management guidance

  • PLATO is maintained by VieCure's clinical team to ensure all contact is up-to-date

How can it help?

  • PLATO (Knowledge) works with SOCRATES (A.I. Inference Engine) to support oncologist and care team members in making optimal decisions at
    point of care

  • Providers have access to the most recent and innovative treatment options including both standard of care and precision medicine options, unique to the patients diagnosis and situation 

  • The clinical rules and facility guidance allow for monitoring and adherence to practice standards

Comprised of comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, supportive care, survivorship and palliative/end-of-life care, pathways, plans and protocols including surgery, radiation and medical oncology customizable
to your practice.

PLATO meets and exceeds guidelines in standard of care and precision oncology, including those from leading agencies. Reviewed by our Clinical Advisory Council, and managed by our Clinical Team, the content library contains pathways, regimens and protocols for solid tumors and hematologic malignancies.

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