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Payors and Insurers

Clinicians and insurance providers are often in conflict due to the ever-changing landscapes both clinically and economically of managing patients and their disease and associated coverage and benefits.  One of the most time consuming exercises is the process of prior authorization and ensuring that the patient's doctor adheres to the protocol to provide evidence-based, optimal care.  The VieCure™ platform provides a mechanism for payors and insurers to codify their content into the platform to ensure that high-standards are being maintained.

Codify insurance plan content into solution to manage patient cost and high standard of care

Patient-specific insurance plan content can be codified into the PLATO content library.  This will enable the care team to align and adhere to the guidelines as established by the patient's insurance plan.  Coding this content into the system would help mitigate ongoing and time-consuming process of prior authorizations.  Insurance-approved treatment plans can be designated throughout the ARISTOTLE EMR so that the care team is selecting the appropriate interventions or tests/labs at the right check points
during a patient's therapy.  

VieCure Insurance
VieCure Real-Time Patient Data

Gather insights on the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic options by analyzing real-time patient data

Using ZENO, data that is captured in real-time is available for analysis.  The thousands of data fields that are discretely captured within the ARISTOTLE EMR make it easy to slice the data and gather insights and conclusions from a myriad of data points.  This valuable information can provide intel on the most effective therapies, resulting in the best outcomes at the lowest cost to patients.

VieCure Platform

The VieCure Platform

The VieCure™ Platform is a tool for payors and insurers that can be used to codify content, right at the hands of the clinician, to ensure they are adhering to the patient's insurance plan.  Access to valuable data, such as drug efficacy and treatment outcomes can be lend valuable insights when structuring and amending potential patient coverage and plan benefits. 

Platform Components

VieCure A.I. Clinical Decision Support
VieCure Codifed Knowledge
VieCure Smart EMR
VieCure Mobile App


A.I. Clinical
Inference Engine


Codified Clinical
Content Library


Comprehensive and Multidisciplinary EMR


Patient Engagement Mobile Application

VieCure Telemedicine
VieCure Data and Analytics


Telemedicine Tools to Facilitate Care


Curation, Data
and Analytics

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