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Halo Intelligence, by VieCure, Is the First Whole Knowledge System in Oncology That Brings Together Everything Clinicians Need to Find the Right Treatment Path for Every Patient, Every Time

Jun 6, 2022

Halo Intelligence, by VieCure, is the first whole knowledge system in oncology that brings together everything clinicians need to find the right treatment path for every patient, every time. (Photo: Business Wire)

June 06, 2022 11:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VieCure, a cancer care company, announced today at ASCO 2022, the release of its next generation oncology clinical decision support platform including the introduction of Halo Intelligence for oncologists. The reality of cancer medicine today is the ever-increasing complexity of diagnostics, treatment, and follow up care. “In the 1980s, medical data and evidence was doubling every 7 years but by 2020, it will double every 73 days,” says Dr. Fred Ashbury, PhD and Chief Scientific Officer for VieCure. “The FDA yearly cancer drug approvals increased 200% from 2010 to 2020.” “The FDA yearly cancer drug approvals increased 200% from 2010 to 2020.” There are interrelated challenges as well. ASCO anticipates a shortage of approximately 2,250 oncologists by 2025 and oncologists and clinicians would have to read up to 29 hrs per day to stay updated and on top of the latest in clinical trials and new therapies. VieCure recognized that the traditional electronic medicine record system in oncology simply couldn’t meet the need of oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and patients in the 2020s. They created the VieCure™ platform, which includes a proprietary artificial intelligence clinical inference engine and point of care decision support system in oncology. The platform is designed to create and action unique patient specific treatment plans. The platform includes a comprehensive eco-system of tools including the oncology information management system, mobile patient app, mobile physician app, a tethered codified content library, integrated telehealth, and a sophisticated analytics system.

VieCure has now added Halo Intelligence to the platform. At the heart of VieCure is an exciting new technology that is different to anything else that’s currently available on the market today. It’s a new way to support patients, a new way to superpower clinicians and new category that we need to establish. But making Halo Intelligence a reality starts with a better understanding of what it is and how we should talk about it.

What this is.

Halo Intelligence is the first whole knowledge system that brings together everything clinicians need to find the right treatment path for every patient, every time. It does this by distilling data from multiple sources using an AI inferencing engine that is connected to the VieCure operating ecosystem. The end result is a seamless marriage of artificial intelligence and the clinician’s own natural intelligence, creating what is called Halo Intelligence. Developed exclusively by VieCure, it is designed to change the way the world treats cancer. Because it surrounds clinicians with a ring of knowledge that they can access instantly and seamlessly.

What this isn’t.

Natural Intelligence is the ability for the human mind to process and organise inputs into actionable knowledge. What makes Natural Intelligence so powerful is the ability to interpret and respond to less rational changes in situation. But we’re limited in our ability to process much larger amounts of data. Artificial Intelligence is the use of computer systems to simulate and replicate the functions of the human mind. It has the ability to process much larger quantities of data but lacks the sensitivities and intuition that natural intelligence uses to fully understand the implications of its decisions. The world’s understanding of cancer, treatments and patient data has exploded exponentially in the last few years - and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. What this technology does is superpower clinicians to stay ahead of this information. Learn more at or by following VieCure on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

About VieCure

VieCure has developed a proprietary artificial intelligence informatics software platform in conjunction with a clinical inference engine and point of care decision support system in oncology. The VieCure™ platform combines the latest in clinical knowledge with patient data to assist clinicians in generating personalized treatment plans and better managing a patient’s treatment throughout diagnosis, cancer therapy, and ongoing follow-up care. VieCure was launched in 2015 and has contracted with leading community oncology cancer centers like the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (Fort Worth, Texas), Alabama Cancer Care (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Clermont Oncology (Clermont, Florida), and several others including the American Oncology Network. The VieCure contracted cancer center network now includes more than 100 locations in the United States, the Bahamas and Antigua. Active implementation of the VieCure platform is occurring in network locations across the United States. For more information, please visit and connect with VieCure on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Contacts VieCure, Inc. Michael G. Power, Chief Business Development Officer 807.621.3838

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