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Access to curated, longitudinal Real-World Data is sought after by many life sciences companies.  Previously, data bas been available but has been incomplete and has been re-collected from abstract documents and records.  Today, with the advances in Artificial Intelligence, information technology and the emphasis of discrete data, Life Sciences companies now have access to these sophisticated Real-World Datasets to generate insights leading to Real-World Evidence using comprehensive patient information that is generated in real-time from using the VieCure™ platform. 

Leveraging Real-World Data to support research and development programs 

We provide access to comprehensive data sets and robust dashboards via ZENO that can accelerate your R&D program by aiding in the: 

  • Discovery of Novel Products by using longitudinal data sets Real-World Data 

  • Analysis of market Intelligence to inform targeted approaches to assist with Clinical Trail recruitment 

  • Optimization of Clinical Trial cost and efficiency by improving the creation of trial protocols, recruitment and overall trial management 

  • Generation additional regulatory support materials by analyzing Real-World Data to generate Real-World Evidence, as the FDA indicated in May 2019 by expanding the 21st Century Cures Care Act, this RWE can be used to support regulatory findings

  • Support of Payor demands by providing access to Real-World Data supporting your products outcomes, effectiveness, comparative performance
    and safety profile

VieCure Data anad Analytics

"By 2021, 50% of the top 100 life sciences companies will leverage real-world evidence harvested from real-worled data to demonstrate product safety or effectiveness after
a product launch."


VieCure - Real-World Editor

Tap into insights from Oncology Data curated from practices across the World

The VieCure™ platform gathers and collects vast amounts of discrete data from users of the solution from all over the globe.  Patient consent is completed at the practice level and the data is de-identified using VieCure's 
de-identification engine to provide thousands of data points for research and analyzation purposes including data from ARISTOTLE (EMR) and patient reported data from the AESARA patient engagement application. 

VieCure Insight from
Sample Data:
Precision Medicine was found to be more effective in a study of breast and ovarian
cancer patients

In a study we conducted of patients diagnosed with advanced breast cancer (n=45) or advanced ovarian cancer (n=30), precision medicine (genomic-guided treatment) was found to be more effective.  Compared to standard therapy, breast cancer patients and ovarian cancer patients were 70% and 40% more likely to be alive at the time our study concluded, respectively.  Our data showed that breast cancer patients receiving precision medicine achieved 26 months of additional life and ovarian cancer patients an additional 27 months of life. Perhaps the most compelling finding of the study was what we found when precision medicine was given earlier in the care continuum, instead of wasting resources on expensive and ever-decreasing in effectiveness additional lines of SOC therapy:  for breast patients with actionable targets, moving PM to second line would have eliminated $193k in unnecessary and ineffective therapy and improved outcomes from 17% to 78% (4.6 times better results); for ovarian patients with actionable targets, moving PM to second line therapy would have eliminated $196k of ineffective therapy and improved outcomes from 12% to 100% (8.3 times better results).

VieCure Oncology Data
VieCure Precision Medicine Study

Codify guidelines and rules and add supporting educational materials for providers to easily access and review 

Content that is codified into PLATO, our clincal content library, is strictly based on evidence.  However, if there are specific indications that a diagnostic or therapeutic option is more ideal for a patient, that information can be codified within our system and presented to the provider when specific criteria has been met. Our A.I. engine, SOCRATES, will present this information to the clinician for immediate review.  Clinicians will also have access to informational resources you provide, including documentation, articles, videos, and more, when reviewing ideal options for their patient and ultimately making a decision on what to order.

VieCure Platform

The VieCure™ Platform

The VieCure™ platform is built on a foundation of discrete data and provides the tools for care team members to collect, review and validate the data that comprises the database. Patient data is also collected by using the patient engagement application and remote monitoring, including telemedicine.

Platform Components

VieCure A.I. Clinical Decision Support
VieCure Codifed Knowledge
VieCure Smart EMR
VieCure Mobile App


A.I. Clinical
Inference Engine


Codified Clinical
Content Library


Comprehensive and Multidisciplinary EMR


Patient Engagement Mobile Application

VieCure Telemedicine
VieCure Data and Analytics


Telemedicine Tools to Facilitate Care


Curation, Data
and Analytics

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