VieCure and ION Solutions Collaborate to Offer the VieCure™ A.I. enabled Clinical Decision Support Platform and EMR to Oncology Physician Practices

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First A.I. enabled solution to integrate the EMR with the precision oncology infrastructure necessary to assist oncologists in making evidence-based, payer aligned decisions for patients.  


"VieCure will provide those ION member oncology practices that choose to use it with information designed to offer improved insights that may be useful during the member physician's clinical decision-making process. Additionally, we are integrating VieCure with our inventory management cabinets and codifying our clinical content to ensure access to key information and compliance with our new evidence-driven contracts."

- Susan Weidner, Senior Vice President, 

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions,
part of A


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What does this mean for Community Oncologists?

Improved clinical, operational, and financial efficiencies by leveraging standard of care and precision oncology rules built in the AI-engine and presented via our CEHRT certified EHR.


Leverage data to drive your practice with real-time reports and dashboards for research, benchmarking and value-based programs


Improve evidence-based contract compliance and treatment profitability using Protocol

Analyzer integration


Expand inventory management with Nucleus® Cabinet integration


Enhance utilization of precision medicine including one-click order entry with discrete results back into the VieCure platform to generate personalized treatment plans at the point-of-care


Manage and improve patient reported outcomes via patient engagement mobile application and integrated telemedicine.


Access new revenue streams and easily scale your practice via the Microsoft Azure® Cloud and SaaS pricing model

"The high-quality data that is produced by properly using the platform can be used to drive practices in real-time with dashboards and reporting for research, benchmarking and value-based care programs.  Equipping practices and providers with these data and tools, in real-time, will only increase their knowledge to provide optimal, personalized care and additional insights to efficiently managetheir practices."


- Dr. Fred Ashbury,
Chief Scientific Officer, VieCure


More About ION Solutions

ION Solutions is the largest physician service organization and GPO specializing in the support of community oncology. ION provides GPO procurement services, technologies, advocacy resources and expertise to more than half of the community-based oncology practices in the nation to help improve their clinical and operational management. 
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VieCure Platform

The VieCure™ Platform

The current oncology market forces are creating amazing opportunities for patients while stimulating considerable pressure for providers and practice owners.  The VieCure™ Platform is a solution to help practices and clinicians manage the increasing volumes, complexities, reporting programs, and payor policies in an ever-changing world.  

Platform Components

VieCure A.I. Clinical Decision Support
VieCure Codifed Knowledge
VieCure Smart EMR
VieCure Mobile App


A.I. Clinical
Inference Engine


Codified Clinical
Content Library


Comprehensive and
Multi-disciplinary EMR


Patient Engagement Mobile Application

VieCure Telemedicine
VieCure Data and Analytics


Telemedicine Tools to Facilitate Care


Curation, Data
and Analytics