Integration Specialist

As an Integration Specialist, you will work closely with our VieCure product team. Your primary goal will be to assist in the integration and migration of data from our production environments to third party vendor applications, maintaining the referential data integrity of our VieCure database.  We expect you to have an understanding and experience in implementing simple interfaces to exchange data between systems.  We also expect you to understand relational database design and operations to ensure optimal use of both database and query capabilities to support your integration development projects.

VieCure Integration Specialist

Job Description

You will be responsible for design and development of VieCure integrations with 3rd party technology providers.  Your integration projects will be captured and leveraged as a reusable portfolio with the goal of streamlining our integration development process.  Your ultimate goal will be delivery of an integration engine that may be simply ‘configured’ vs. programmed to create integrations that will be used with existing 3rd party vendors. 

  • Design and develop 3rd party integrations using modular design and integration capabilities with the goal of reusing each integration across our portfolio of customers

  • Provide strategic thinking and leadership to deliver a ‘Best Practice’ integrated system design and workflow in combination with each 3rd party vendor

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams throughout the design process

  • Participate in the development process from definition, through design, build, test, release, and maintenance

Skills & Experience

  • Proven expertise in healthcare systems integration with applicable knowledge in the use of FHIR, HL7, CCD and other messaging / file integration standards

  • Experience in design / development of an integration engine to enable a configuration driven integration experience

  • Mindset and ambition of a ‘Learn It All’ (vs. a ‘Know It All’) with demonstrated ability to constantly adopt new technologies, processes and work styles

  • A team player who can easily adapt in a rapidly changing environment.

  • Advanced level skills in C# / Visual Studio, ASP.Net / MVC, HTML 5 / JavaScript / TypeScript / Angular 5, MS SQL SERVER, WEB API2, Azure.

  • Experience in a test driven development environment

  • Minimum of 3 years experience

  • Medical knowledge is a clear asset and invaluable in all we do

  • Bachelor’s degree or impressive demonstrated experience

Preferred location: Denver, CO

To apply, please submit your resume to