VieCure Virtual Visit

Enabling patients to access and connect with their care team, from a remote location via VieCure's Telehealth solution and all within one platform. Extend program geographic reach to provide high-quality care and services to patients virtually.


EUCLID was a great Greek mathematician who is often referred to as the founder of Geometry. His work is associated with our understanding of space, time, and shapes.  EUCLID is the telemedicine system embedded within the VieCure™ platform and provides a solution for both regional and rural patients as to not be confined by their geography and space.  EUCLID provides patients' access directly to their care team for virtual consults, side-effect management, supportive care services and more.   *Release Summer 2020

VieCure Telemedicine

Fully integrated telemedicine tools to support remote patients and your program

EUCLID is a set of telemedicine tools including video health consults embedded within the VieCure™ platform.  The HIPAA compliant integrated video conference system allows clinicians and care team members not only visit with the patient, but clinicians also have the ability to document, assess and order within the same system
during the patient interaction.  

"Tele-oncology has been demonstrated to improve access to care and decrease health care costs. "

ASCO Educational Book, Volume 38, "Telemedicine in Cancer Care"


How does it work?

  • Facilitate the exchange of patient information and data to keep patients connected with their care team and engaged in their treatment

  • EUCLID video conferencing is embedded in the VieCure™ platform

  • Clinician and patient join mutual "virtual exam room" to discuss and perform the consult 

  • EUCLID uses Twilo for its HIPAA secured
    conference services

  • Care team members have the ability to document during the consult or visit 

  • Telehealth and remote patient monitoring billing codes can be captured within the VieCure ARISTOTLE EMR

  • Communicate with other providers or care team members within your practice using EUCLID

How can it help?

  • Improve patient satisfaction and experience by providing easy access to the care team without the need for travel or the cost of an in-person visit 

  • EUCLID can help reduce no-show and cancelled visits by providing an easy mechanism for patients to engage with their care team and adhere to their plan

  • Encourage patients to utilize EUCLID rather than going directly to the clinic or a local
    emergency room 

  • EUCLID is a mechanism to provide access to a myriad of patient education materials and supportive services such as survivorship, genetic, palliative, psychiatric and nutritional counseling

  • Direct access to care team members encourages multi-disciplinary discussion resulting in optimal decisions for the patient

Reduce unnecessary and unplanned visits to the
clinic or hospital 

By linking EUCLID to a practice's triage system, patients have direct access to the care team, the moment that they need help. This helps prevent unncessary visits to the clinic and hospital.  More severe issues can also be mitigated in advance because of the frequent contact and available touch points to patients to report any issues they may be experiencing during their therapy.

VieCure Telehealth

"Tele-Health can extend the benefits of multidisciplinary care to regional and rural patients including remote chemotherapy supervision and symptom management."

Oncology Nurse Advisor, 2019

VieCure Multidisciplinary Discussions

Facilitate multi-disciplinary discussion and tumor boards

The video conferencing capability of EUCLID provides clinicians with the intradepartmental tools to host sessions for up to 50 users from anywhere with an internet connection.  This enables practitioners to engage and communicate with their peers no matter their location.  EUCLID is HIPAA compliant and can be used to facilitate tumor boards and discussions to review and make decisions on complex patient cases.

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