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VieCure Announces New Appointments to Its Board of Directors – Michael Mentesana and Brad Prechtl Bring Industry Knowledge and Expertise to the Growing Cancer Care Company

May 4, 2022

VieCure, a cancer care company with a market leading artificial intelligence, informatics, and clinical decision support platform, announced today the appointment of two new members to the Board of Directors: biopharmaceutical strategic advisor Michael Mentesana and Brad Prechtl, President and Chief Development Officer for the American Oncology Network (AON).

American Oncology Network (AON) and VieCure Announce Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Adoption of Precision Oncology and Personalized Cancer Care

February 23, 2022

Collaboration offers clinicians access to a state-of-the-art, cloud based oncology decision support platform that fully integrates the latest codified clinical content and generates patient specific treatment plans at point of care. AON and VieCure have also committed to jointly advancing a multi-year technology development roadmap to ensure the latest clinical tools and content needed are available to participating clinicians and their patients


Clermont Oncology Center and VieCure Join Forces to Accelerate Cancer Excellence in the Clermont, Florida, Community

July 22, 2021

Clermont Oncology Center announced their decision to adopt VieCure’s  A.I. Enabled Oncology Clinical Decision Support Platform as part of enhancing cancer care excellence in the Clermont Community.

VieCure Announces $25 Million Series A Investment Led by Northpond Ventures to Improve Oncology Care, Scale A.I. and Patient-focused Technologies

April 20, 2021

Financing to support the accelerated deployment of the VieCure platform in cancer centers nationwide and globally, along with expanded partnerships with life sciences, molecular labs, payors, and oncology drug distribution companies


Alabama Cancer Care and VieCure enter into a multi-year strategic relationship to improve oncology care in Alabama using A.I. and patient focused technologies

March 15, 2021

Alabama Cancer Care selects the VieCure™ Oncology Clinical Decision Support Platform and ‘Smart’ EMR to accelerate the adoption of precision oncology and to bring the latest clinical evidence to thousands of cancer patients annually.

TD2 and VieCure Partner to Bring Best-in-Class Cancer Medicines and Access to Precision Oncology Clinical Trials to Patients in Community
Oncology Practices

October 29, 2020

Partnership will Accelerate the Awareness and Adoption of Precision Oncology in Private Practices and Community Oncology Cancer Centers in
the United States  

TD2_20014_VieCure Social Post_1_Artboard

VieCure and OncBioMune d/b/a Theralink® Technologies Announces Strategic Agreement to Improve Outcomes for Breast Cancer Patients Being Treated in Community Oncology Settings

July 8, 2020

OncBioMune d/b/a Theralink® Technologies (OTC: OBMP), a molecular profiling company specializing in biomarker assay services that target multiple areas of oncology, announced today the signing a mutli-year strategic agreement with VieCure™ to enhance personalized cancer treatment in
community oncology settings. 

VieCure and Theralink

VieCure and Thinking Systems Collaborate to Facilitate Seamless PACS and Functional Imaging in Oncology Workflow

December 3, 2020

VieCure and Thinking Systems announce strategic collaboration to improve clinical workflow in oncology using PACSCloud® and the VieCure™ A.I. enabled oncology EMR platform for the benefit of our clients and the patients that they serve.

Thinking Systems and VieCure Release Ima

Sema4 and VieCure Launch an AI-enabled Clinical Decision Support Platform to Help Community Oncologists Deliver Personalized Cancer Care

November 4, 2020

ABC-VieCure Announcement Graphic_v2.jpg

VieCure and ION Solutions Collaborate to Offer the VieCure™ A.I. enabled Clinical Decision Support Platform and EMR to Oncology
Physician Practices

October 16, 2020

The cloud-based VieCure™ platform helps practices accelerate their adoption of precision oncology by integrating sequencing, biomarker testing, codified clinical content, ePROs, and tele-oncology all within a 'smart' EMR

VieCure and The Bahamas and Antigua

VieCure A.I. platform and embedded 'Smart' EMR selected by The Cancer Centres of the Bahamas and Eastern Caribbean 

January 10, 2019

VieCure announced today its VCurePrecision™ platform has been selected by the leadership at The Cancer Centre Bahamas (TCCB, Nassau) and The Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean (TCCEC, Antigua) as the preferred solution to support their clinical operations.  The Centre in the Bahamas has treated thousands of patients dating back to 2004 and the relatively new Centre in Antigua for The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) has been
operational since 2015.

VieCure is excited to announce its Clinical Advisory Council! 

August 19, 2019

The CAC comprises global leaders from top cancer programs who review clinical evidence and literature to develop algorithms and codified clinical
rules for VCurePrecision™.

Clinical Advisory Council
VieCure and CCBD

The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders aligns with VieCure to provide A.I. driven precision oncology to cancer patients in Texas

September 5, 2019

CCBD and VieCure announced an important strategic collaboration agreement to create a leading clinical reference site for cancer treatment excellence.

VieCure chooses Microsoft Azure for their cloud-based A.I. platform and smart
EMR in oncology

October 16, 2019

VieCure, a rapidly growing cancer care company with an A.I. enabled clinical decision support platform in oncology, announced that it has chosen Microsoft Azure to host its platform

VieCure and Microsoft Azure
VieCure and Sema4

Sema4 and VieCure announce Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Precision
Oncology Care

March 2, 2020

The combination of health intelligence and oncology EMR expertise will give oncologists more real-time patient insights and increased awareness
of clinical trials.

VieCure and CCBD

The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders moves forward with Phase II of its Strategic Alliance with VieCure.  Commences installation of VCurePrecision A.I. Oncology
Informatics Platform

April 20, 2020

The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders moves forward with phase II of its strategic alliance with VieCure and commences installation of the VCurePrecision™

ViewRay and VieCure announce Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Adoption of Personalized
Cancer Care

April 1, 2020

Collaboration offers clinicians a personalized oncology solution that combines cutting-edge MRI-guided radiation therapy with a leading A.I.-driven EMR integration platform

VieCure and ViewRay

VieCure collaborates with Adaptive Biotechnologies

January 10, 2019

VieCure and Adaptive Biotechnologies (Adaptive) announced a collaboration in which VieCure will build, test and validate the required code and related algorithms as well as identify, review and codify relevant clinical references into VieCure’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform.  The resulting logic will be deployed via the platform’s cloud-based hosting environment to facilitate rapid education, awareness and understanding of the appropriate timepoints for use of Adaptive’s clonoSEQ Assay in the Multiple Myeloma (MM) and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) patient populations. VieCure will also work with Adaptive to design and build appropriate analytics to measure incorporation of the clonoSEQ Assay.

VieCure and Adaptive Biotechnologies
VieCure and Baptist Health

Baptist Health to improve cancer care with VCurePrecision™
A.I. Platform

March 5, 2018

MONTGOMERY, AL (March 5, 2018) (VieCure and related products are the property of Viviphi Ltd) VieCure and Baptist Health announced today that the VCurePrecision platform will be deployed across the central Alabama cancer network, offering personalized cancer treatment to an estimated 4,000 patients annually throughout the region.

VieCure and Avera Health confirm clinical validation and system-wide implementation
of A.I. platform 

June 2, 2017

VieCure (Greenwood Village, CO) and Avera Health (Sioux Falls, SD) announce that the VCurePrecision™ platform will be fully implemented across the multi-state cancer system. The platform was developed through a clinical collaboration between
the two organizations.

VieCure and Avera Health

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