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VieCure A.I. Platform and Embedded 'Smart' EMR Selected by the Cancer Centres of the Eastern Caribbean

VieCure announced today its VCurePrecision™ platform has been selected by the leadership at The Cancer Centre Bahamas (TCCB, Nassau) and The Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean (TCCEC, Antigua) as the preferred solution to support their clinical operations. The Centre in the Bahamas has treated thousands of patients dating back to 2004 and the relatively new Centre in Antigua for The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) has been operational since 2015.

"We will implement the VieCure platform at TCCB and at TCCEC because it will help us close many practice gaps, as “A Great Equalizer”, especially with so many sites of care in our archipelagic countries, both in The Bahamas and the Greater Caribbean,” said Dr. Conville Brown, Chairman and CEO of the two independent Cancer Centre organizations. Implementation of the cloud-based platform will begin in mid-January 2019 with clinical go-live anticipated in early April 2019.

VCurePrecision™ is a comprehensive artificial intelligence platform with a fully embedded oncology electronic medical record system. AI systems learn and can be “trained” to assist professionals in processing and addressing complex human-like situations. In cancer care, information is constantly evolving, often ambiguous and influenced by local practice standards and clinician training and experience. A robust artificial intelligence platform is required to keep track of and make sense of this complicated information environment and provide decision support to the entire cancer team.

"Our 21st century AI platform enables peer-to-peer knowledge transfer where physicians get real-time access to the most current evidence-based standards of care along with expert knowledge in precision medicine, personalized to the genomic makeup of the patient’s cancer, where appropriate,” said Dr. Fred Ashbury, Chief Scientific Officer at VieCure.

Cancer-oriented artificial intelligence systems and associated ‘smart’ EMRs enable instantaneous access to evidence allowing for better clinical decision making. They are designed the same way physicians and clinical staff are trained and practice. The inference engine is enabled and supported by thousands of codified clinical rules and hundreds of evidence-based clinical pathways. AI platforms do not make clinical decisions, but instead, provide guidance for consideration offering the optimal patient-specific treatment plan.

The VieCure ‘smart’ EMR functionality includes medical and treatment history, notes, prescribing, ordering, pharmacy dispensing, medication administration record, scheduling, charge capture, and additional clinical components. The platform also includes a tethered mobile patient app (Apple or Android) to enhance patient engagement, medication compliance, side effect monitoring, and communication between the patient and the oncology team. The VCurePrecision™ platform offers robust data analytic capabilities and is architected to capitalize on the true value of discrete data. The dashboard and reporting functionality allow providers to enhance clinical decision making, streamline operational processes, and implement best practices.

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Dr. Conville S. Brown, MD, MBBS, FACC, FESC, PhD.

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

The Cancer Centre Bahamas

The Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean

The Bahamas Heart Centre

The Heart Centre Antigua

The Imaging, Dialysis, Stem Cell & Research Centres at The Medical Pavilion Bahamas

The Medical Pavilion Antigua, Michael’s Mount, St. John’s, Antigua

Tel: 242-356-6666 (Bah. Office)

Tel: 268-460-6666 (Ant. Office)


Michael G. Power, BA, MIM Chief Business Development Officer Tel: 807-621-3838

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