Client Solutions Director

The Client Solutions Director works as part of the VieCure Sales and Business Development Team to create and take ownership of a portfolio of client opportunities, as well as potentially a geographic territory.  This position will report directly to the Chief Business Development Officer.

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Job Description

The Client Solutions Director will be responsible for working closely with the Chief Business Development Officer and a growing team of other Client Solutions Directors to:


  • Identify, prioritize, target, and close new business opportunities within the cancer center marketplace. Prospective primary client foci are the following market segments:

    • Private oncology practices, cancer centers, and private oncology practice networks

    • Community Cancer Centers, Hospitals, and Health Systems

    • AmerisourceBergen/ION GPO Network.

  • Develop comprehensive customer sales plans, and identify and target clients, prospects, and key decision-makers within your targeted accounts. The Director will represent the company's solutions, products, and platforms, prepare and present unsolicited proposals, respond to RFPs when appropriate, and close new business.

  • Educate and orientate, at the customer level (oncologists, cancer care executives, nurses, pharmacists, IT professionals, and other members of the oncology care team), the changing paradigms that exist in cancer care today and over the course of the next decade and align those changes with our platform and our VieCure™ solutions.


Close new business. Understand the complexities of cancer care and oversee the development, implementation and creation of customer strategies that expand business in a proactive and timely manner. Understand the VieCure™ product and solution portfolio (artificial intelligence, clinical knowledge curation in cancer treatment, the generation and maintenance of codified clinical rules in precision medicine in oncology, the integrated and comprehensive nature of the solution, and economic benefits accrued to clients at the cancer center level). Spearhead sales and business development initiatives that are consistent with both the company’s overall corporate and business strategy and your designated client list and/or territory.

Execute the agreed-to sales strategy and meet quarterly and annual sales targets.

  • Be accountable for a direct/annual sales target of ~$25m

  • Utilize a consultative sales approach to close opportunities with senior-level executives

  • Ensure best practices are effectively being utilized and executed in driving a highly efficient sales process

  • Manage the sales process and related documentation using the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for initiatives under your purview.

Location, Compensation & Benefits


​The Director will work remotely from their home office. The position requires travel to customer and prospect sites. The company will reimburse for reasonable travel and living expenses while on the road, consistent with our travel expense policy.



The package will consist of the following components                   

  • 2020/21 Target Income at the annual plan: ~$450,000.

  • Base Salary – will initially be set at $150,000 per annum. Adjustments to base salary will be based solely on your personal performance in the position.

  • Commission – $300,000 at planned (annual) sales target. Commission rates and sales targets are set annually and will be reviewed with you in advance. The Director will receive a sales commission on net orders closed at the then applicable commission rate in accordance with the annual plan.


The annual order target for 2021 will be $25,000,000. A medium-sized private or hospital-based practice should result in an order of $4M-$5M inclusive of one-time fees. The Director will therefore be required to secure ~5-7 deals to achieve the annual sales target. On an annualized basis, the commission rate will be 1.2% on deals where the Director is the designated lead. The Director will also receive a secondary commission rate of .12% on deals where they assist the designated lead in closing and executing the deal.


Designated Client Solutions Director Lead

2021 Commission Rate: 1.2%

Client XYZ: $5,000,000 5-year SaaS contract

Commission: $60,000.00


Secondary/contributor and make a material contribution

2021 Commission Rate: .12%

Client ABC: $5,000,000 5-year SaaS contract

Commission: $6,000



4 weeks per year, plus statutory holidays.

Other Benefits:

The Director will have the right to participate in our company's health and dental insurance plans. Premium costs are shared between the company and the employee, with the employee paying 15% for personal coverage and 30% for coverage for any dependents. In addition, you may elect to participate in the company-sponsored 401(K) plan, where employee contributions are subject to a company match as outlined in the attached plan.

To apply, please submit your resume to