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VieCure's Certification under the ONC Health IT Certification Program (2015 Edition)

Costs, Fees & Limitations of Certified Health IT, FAQ’s

Costs / Fees

What costs/fees may a user incur to implement the certified software?

VieCure is priced using transaction fees based on clinic volumes, implementation fees, dependent on the size of the practice ands cope and complexity of interface requirements, may also apply

Are these cost/fees fixed, one-time, recurring, ongoing, monthly, transaction-based, annual, etc.?

Transaction fees are recurring monthly or quarterly charges, implementation fees are one-time fees

What additional software must be purchased that is not included in the initial purchase of the software?

No specific requirements for additional software

What kind of services, functionality or software are attributed to this cost?

Rights to use the platform and related clinical content, transaction processing, cloud hosting, interfaces to other clinic systems, user training, database initialization and customization, customization of clinical content, ongoing support and maintenance

Are there factors that impact additional types of costs including but not limited to geographical considerations, volume and usage, costs associated with necessary interfaces and other licences or technology, and costs associated with exchange partner technology and characteristics, among other relevant factors?

Primarily dependant on the size of the practice and scope and complexity of interfaces

Contractual Limitations

Does a provider have to sign a contract when purchasing your product? Does the contract impose limitations that could limit the implementation or use of certified capabilities or the data generated by these capabilities?

A contract governing the use of the platform is required but does not pose limitations on the use of the certified capabilities

Are there business policies or practices that may cause limitations on the implementation or use of certified capabilities?

This would depend on the customer

Is it necessary for the user to engage with a third party?


Technical Limitations

Are there any product limitations that could prevent or impair the implementation, configuration, maintenance, support or use of a certified capability?


Are there any limitations on workstations or licenses where the software is deployed, volume of transactions or usage, or associated bandwidth limitations?


Are there any limitations that a user may encounter regarding the exchange or portability of any data generated while using the capability?


Are there any limitations with non-certified capabilities that may interface with the use or implementation of any certified capabilities?


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