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Data Integration Engineer

Are you interested in leading the transformation of cancer care through software that puts world-leading scientific knowledge in the hands of patients and their doctors? If so, join our growing team at VieCure, the company that is revolutionizing cancer care by putting A.I. driven technology tools and an unparalleled knowledge base into the hands of physicians.

Job Description

The Data Integration Engineer is responsible for helping implement processes required of a data processing pipeline in support of our products and services. The Data Integration Engineer's primary responsibilities include monitoring, maintaining, and building data integration and performance. The Data Integration Engineer is experienced in data extraction, data exploration, data manipulation, and reporting.

Location: Denver/Hybrid


  • Write and maintain custom and or facilitate an Integration Automation process

  • Interpret technical documentation requirements for HL7 interfaces and EMR systems.

  • Interpret business rules and requirements for technical systems

  • Work directly with internal and external customers to isolate and resolve defects or issues

  • Leverage EMR integration methods for Smart on FHIR, Context Aware Linking development

  • Develop expertise around various EMR integration methods including HL7, Private API, Public API, FHIR and XML/Document

  • Diagnose and resolve complex technical issues related to EMR data integration

  • Develop CCD/CCDA/HL7 integration/extraction and data mapping to support various use cases

  • HL7 data mappings and troubleshooting of interfaces during pre and post integration (Production)

  • Build data pipelines in mirth for connecting data sources into VieCure.

  • Joining records from systems using identified patient identifiers

  • Provide internal status updates to team lead

  • Write documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, and correction

Skills, Competencies & Experience

•       5 or more years proven hands-on experience as a Data Integration engineer 

•       A strong background in developing RESTful APIs and understanding of API design principles, including versioning, authentication, and security.

•       Experience with HL7 Messaging from Practice Management Systems and or Lab Vendors

•       Strong knowledge and Experience in best practices including designing, implementing and data migrations. 

•       Basic knowledge of EMR data standards, coding, schemes and ontologies 

•       Comprehensive understanding of HIPPA standards 

•       Experience with Mirth for EMR Data parsing and ingestion 

•       Ability to work closely with the other data teams (DBAs, Architects, Analyst, programmers) 

•       Experience in managing integration projects, including defining project scope, timelines, and coordinating with stakeholders.

•       Ability to analyze existing workflows and recommend improvements in the integration process to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

•       Strong Ability to hit tight deadlines and work under pressure.

•       Strong Analytical skills and attention to detail

•       Strong written and oral communication skills.

•       Strong Ability to address conflicts diplomatically, seeking common ground, and fostering constructive resolution. 

•       Efficiently allocating time to tasks, setting priorities, and meeting deadlines without compromising qualities.

•       Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or equivalent;

•       Salary Range 100K to 120K 

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