VieCure Smart EMR

Next generation comprehensive electronic medical record with real-time, clinical decision support tools and A.I. enabled technologies, all at the point-of-care to monitor and manage the complexities of unique patient cases.


ARISTOTLE was a classical Greek philosopher well known for his Theory of Logic and his view that "the whole is more than the sum of its parts."  ARISTOTLE is the next generation 'smart' EMR in oncology.  It is comprehensive and provides the oncologist, nurse, practice professional with the tools they need to manage a patient's care throughout their treatment from diagnosis through to survivorship. ARISTOTLE is voice automated, tablet-enabled, and cloud-based and includes scheduling, electronic ordering, medication administration record (MAR), dispensing, physician notes, charge capture and more. 


ARISTOTLE works in an integrated fashion with all of the other components of the VieCure™ platform. 

VieCure real-time clinical decision support

A smart EMR to advance your practice and optimize
patient care

ARISTOTLE is a multidisciplinary, real-time, clinical decision-support system that combines clinical knowledge with patient data to assist oncologists in generating personalized treatment plans and managing a patient's care throughout his or her therapy. The system encompasses an A.I. clinical inference engine, a knowledge-base containing world-leading precision medicine and standard of care guidance, and a fully integrated, electronic medical record, specifically designed and created for oncology practice. 

VieCure Platform

How does it work?

  • ARISTOTLE is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary electronic medical record hosted securely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud that is built almost entirely using discrete data fields to enable A.I. decision support, efficient documentation and simplified reporting and analyzation 

  • Spans the continuum of cancer care including diagnostics, therapy, and through to survivorship by providing access to the PLATO codified content library for personalized treatment plans, references and educational materials for clinicians, and clinical and institutional rules to help guide decision making

  • Functionality is fully integrated and includes scheduling, patient medical record, diagnosis and staging, genomic alterations and tumor markers, comprehensive pathways, plans and protocols, treatment and toxicity management, electronic ordering and e-prescribe, documentation, pharmacy dispensing, medication administration record (MAR), charge capture and patient engagement mobile application 

How can it help?

  • ARISTOTLE is integrated with the VieCure platform, allowing for easy collaboration and exchange of information between departments, while also providing an advanced user experience

  • The discrete data fields not only aid in efficient and complete documentation, but they also enable the A.I. inference engine to generate patient-specific treatment plans and considerations, including toxicity management and precision oncology guidance, based on a patient's unique profile

  • Cloud hosting in the Azure Clouda llows for simple, secure, one-login web-based access for users, HIPAA compliant security parameters, and easy hosting scalability for practices 

Generate personalized treatment plans automatically based on unique
patient profiles

The ARISTOTLE EMR is fully integrated with the VieCure™ solution providing clinicians with access to the latest, up-to-date, treatment protocols from the PLATO clinical content library.  The A.I. Engine, SOCRATES, inferences against thousands of points of patient data to generate the optimal patient-specific treatment plan. 

VieCure Personalized Treatment Plans

VieCure™ Platform Certifications

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Certification under the ONC Health IT Certification Program (2015 Edition)


Surescripts® certification for
legend drug prescribing

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VieCure Platform

Additional Components of the VieCure Solution

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A.I. Clinical
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