VIeCure Patient Engagement

Bring the practice-care experience home to the patient. Drive patient engagement, compliance, outcomes, and satisfaction


AESARA was one of the greatest female philosophers of all time and is well known for her work on human nature. AESARA's theory of natural law connects the individual to the family and to the institutions or the community.  At VieCure, we strive to the same which is connect every cancer patient with their family and their provider network. AESARA is a fully integrated Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs) solution.  AESARA is integrated with our eMR and streamlines care, captures patient reported toxicities discretely, and helps to ensure compliance with the patient specific treatment plan or clinical trial. Patients remain connected to the practice through AESARA 24x7. 

Improve patient satisfaction, outcomes, and engagement 
while tapping into
new revenue streams

AESARA is a tool for patients to remain engaged and active throughout their therapy with their care team.  Not only will your practice benefit from gathering these valuable Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) data, but with the addition of new billing codes, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) can be another source of
revenue for your practice.

VIeCure Patient Engagement

"ePRO technology can help streamline data capture for oncology questionnaires and test results, eliminate transcription and simplify protocol workflows." 

Dr. Fred Ashbury,

Chief Scientific Officer, VieCure

How does it work?

  • AESARA is fully integrated with the VieCure™ platform and patient responses are fed directly into the EMR for review and potential actioning by the identified care team

  • Patient-specific treatment plan details are sent directly to the patient mobile application including the patient's schedule, take-at-home medications, toxicity assessments and more 

  • Patients are able to engage and interact with their care team via secure messaging

  • A.I. technology can be used to help manage patient toxicity issues using facility approved rules to help reduce emergency and unplanned visits

How can it help?

  • Patients feel more connected to their care team and active in their treatment using AESARA

  • Improve patient engagement and satisfaction throughout care 

  • The patient has the ability to set medication reminders as well as indicate if the medication has been taken as prescribed

  • For patients that live further away from the practice, this provides a mechanism to be connected and feel confident in the care they are receiving

  • Help keep patients on their treatment plan by proactively managing patient care

VieCure Remote Patient Monitoring

Capture and monitor electronic patient reported outcomes 

Customizable assessments and questionnaires are sent to a patient's mobile application, AESARA, to monitor their potential toxicities and side effects throughout therapy.  Patient responses are fed directly back through the VieCure™ for analysis and presented for care team review and manage directly in the ARISTOTLE smart eMR.

High-quality care tools at their fingertips 

  • Interact with the care team via direct messaging or customized assessments 

  • Integration with Uber and Lyft to provide transportation services when needed

  • Set medication reminder alerts and track
    medication compliance

  • Capture electronic patient reported outcomes and manage toxicities 

  • View upcoming visits and associated items including treatments, labs and tests, visits with providers and more

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